> What is Denplan?

What is Denplan?


Denplan is a well established UK company which supports dentists who run a private dentistry scheme. Its apple logo is well recognise across Britain and it encourages the highest quality assurance in British dentistry with its Denplan Excel programme, which is supported by the Patient Association.
Treating patients under Denplan has allowed us to provide a more attentive and patient centered service to our patients, which they widely recognise and prefer, to the previous fast treadmill of NHS dentistry.


There are two different Denplan payment schemes available to patients, Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials.


Denplan Care is the most popular because there are no surprises of dental fees, since all your dental costs are covered except for external supply costs.

 A more basic Support and Monitoring scheme recently introduced is Denplan Essentials which is a standard £8.00 a month and any fillings etc. are paid for in addition Both these Denplan schemes include Worldwide Accident and Emergency cover


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