Can my teeth be made to look whiter?

Tooth whiteningYes – our dentists use Tooth Whitening: a quick and safe way to add a touch of sparkle to your smile.

Most dentists see whitening as the most practical solution, since it changes the shade of the tooth inside its outer layer, instead of just removing the coffee stains on the surface…

So how does tooth whitening work?

Well firstly, it’s not an instant fix, so you won’t have a brand new smile straight away. When you come to us, we’ll produce a set of ultra-thin trays, and you’ll need to wear these – usually overnight – for around 2 weeks. Then your teeth will absorb the whitening product and start to recolour – usually quite rapidly: a process that can deliver lasting results, although you may need a top up 12-18 months down the line.


Choose your tooth whitening solution carefully

The world is full of people who’ll offer to make your teeth white than white! So we’d like to draw your attention to a few things here:

1. Let your dentist do a dentist’s job

There are boutiques, salons and other non-dental practitioners who will offer  tooth whitening products – this is now illegal in the UK if a dentist is not involved and people are being prosecuted. Over the years, we’ve seen how these products have caused significant damage to teeth, in some cases resulting in permanent loss of tooth enamel and sensitive teeth.

At uSmile we think your smile is important – but it’s not worth permananetly risking your teeth! So come and see us and we’ll give you a reliable professional service.

2. Veneers and Crowns have pros and cons 

Your Dentist can make your teeth look whiter by preparing the tooth and bonding porcelain Veneers or Crowns. But these solutions both involve removing healthy tooth enamel. Before you consider these options, we strongly suggest that you Ask your Dentist.

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