Meet The Team

Dentistry is about more than just teeth – it’s about the people who look after them! So here’s a bit about us. We are a friendly team of male and female dentists who will get to know you every bit as well as they’ll get to know your teeth.

That’s the difference with USmile

We offer a friendly, professional approach and if you’ll pardon the pun, we don’t spend the whole day looking down in the mouth. We’re a cheery bunch and that includes our dental nurses and receptionists. From the moment you arrive, we’re here to put you at ease.

For all the smiling, we’re still here to do an important job, and that’s to get you teeth into the best possible condition and help you maintain a high standard of oral health. Our dentists meet regularly to review case notes and discuss the latest advances in dentistry.

So, we hope you’ll agree: uSmile Dental Practice gives you quite a unique experience. If our website doesn’t tell you that, come along and see for yourself. We have a few places left at the practice, so it’s worth getting in touch.