Dental cost planning

Managing the cost of dental care

DenplanThe first concern for every patient is how to meet the cost of treatment, and here at uSmile we’ll give you as many options as we can:

As well as providing NHS treatment to exempt adults and children, we can offer a choice of payment plans through Denplan. If you don’t have a dental plan with us, we can offer private treatment. We encourage patients to set up a plan, which allows you to budget for dental costs and avoid significant surprises.

What is the cost of dental care?

Our charges reflect our running costs. As a modern dental practice, we have to pay for:

  • Our Dentists, Dental Technicians and support staff
  • High quality dental equipment
  • Maintenance of the practice
  • Ongoing training

And quite a lot more! But we do aim to be transparent, and before we begin your treatment we’ll always provide you with a full written estimate.

Private, Denplan or NHS: what are your options?

Denplan Care – Our ‘No Surprises’ package

Denplan Essentials – For dental support and monitoring

NHS Treatment – Suibsidised dental treatment for exempt adults and children