I’m terrified – How can you help?

If you’re scared of seeing your dentist, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve seen many nervous patients who have suffered some kind of dental trauma in the past, and this is something we take very seriously.  So don’t worry – we won’t usher you in and invade your mouth before you’ve had the chance to voice your concern.

We’ll discuss your anxiety – we’ll listen to you. And over time we hope that we’ll develop a trusting relationship.

Think of your first visit as an interview

The first time you see us, we’re only going to look inside your mouth, so it might help to see it as checking us out, with no treatment involved. The point is, we need your permission before we begin any form of treatment – and if you don’t agree, your dentist will not perform any treatment.

In other words, you really are in control of the entire process.

Once you’ve had your first check-up, you decide; where do we go from here?

  • If you need thorough tooth cleaning, that’s fine, we can do it if you want
  • If you need further treatment, we’ll discuss your options and arrange an appointment, if you want

And it goes without saying, if you prefer and we feel it more suitable, we can refer you to have any appropriate treatment under conscious sedation or possibly general anaesthetic. Once you are stable we can continue treating you back at uSmile.

It’s always your choice, not ours.

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