What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

If you lose a tooth, you need emergency dental care. Yes, a missing tooth can be replaced back into the gum, but only if you or a dentist acts quickly. And that means, ideally, within an hour!

If your tooth is completely knocked out of its socket (with the root as well) you should try and reseat it straight back into its socket before a blood clot fills the socket. If this is delayed, you will need dental help to replace the tooth, but before you rush off to see your emergency dentist, make sure you’re taking steps to protect the missing tooth, during the journey:-

  • If the tooth is dirty, it should be cleaned in saliva or milk. DO NOT USE CLEAN WATER: this will damage the cells on the root surface of the tooth
  • On the way to the dental surgery or hospital, carry the tooth in milk or let it nestle it in the pouch of your cheek. The saliva in your mouth will protect the cells on the tooth root surface until it can be re-seated.
  • Don’t carry the tooth in tissue or cotton wool, which will dry it out.


Who should you contact if your tooth falls out?

It really depends on where you are:

Above all else, please remember this is a time critical emergency.

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